Castle Review: Linchpin

Castle Review: Linchpin

Castle ended its two-parter last night with the sequel to Pandora, titled Linchpin. If you’ve missed Pandora, you can read our recap here. Also, if you’ve missed last night’s dramatic episode, you can read that recap here.

Pandora started off with a rogue CIA operative named Thomas Gage, who killed a man, made his body disappear and then proceeded to walk right out of the front door of the LAPD unrecognized. Later, Rick and Kate are pulled into the CIA investigation of Pandora. Dr. Blakely was looking into a series of events that would take down the United States and it all boiled down to one catalyst. The doctor was killed in front of Rick and Kate and their car was shoved into the Hudson River.

Linchpin picked right up where the action left off, leaving us to believe momentarily that Rick had made the ultimate sacrifice. They got out of the car in time, but Sophia Turner yelled at them over the incident. Rick and Kate also found the doctor’s place, where he had figured out a set of cataclysmic events that boiled down to a linchpin. Xiang Ganghong’s daughter is the linchpin and if her murder is traced back to the CIA, it would cause the Chinese to cease purchasing debt from the U.S., and ultimately cause World War III.

As any tale goes, it gets worse. Sophia turns out to be the bad guy and was only using Thomas Gage as a decoy in order to throw everyone off of the trail. She pulls a gun on Rick and Kate, only to get killed by another CIA agent. They go after her agent who is attempting to murder Xiang’s daughter. Kate nabs him and saves the day.

What was funny was how jealous Kate was of Sophia’s relationship with Rick. I can’t wait for them to reveal that she remembers her shooting and how Rick professed his love for her.

What was your favorite part of the show? Let us know in the comments below!

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