‘Castle’ Season 3 ‘Knockout’ Finale Recap 5/16/11

'Castle' Season 3 'Knockout' Finale Recap 5/16/11

The season three finale episode of Castle is on tonight! I’ve been enjoying the show all season, but I wanted to share it with you. Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic really make this show great. In our home, it’s dubbed “Murder, He Wrote”.

From the ABC official website’s summary:

Kate Beckett’s investigation into her mother’s death is reactivated when Hal Lockwood (guest star Max Martini, “The Unit”) – a professional hit man with knowledge of Beckett’s mother’s murder – stages a spectacular escape during a court hearing. As police launch a manhunt for Lockwood, Castle and the team uncover evidence of a deeper conspiracy involving a mysterious figure with law enforcement connections who is linked to both Lockwood’s escape and the killing of Johanna Beckett. The search for Lockwood and the quest to identify his co-conspirator leads to a shocking and deadly conclusion.

In a previous episode, Kate said she would be back to ask Lockwood week after week who hired him. Rick is showing off some art to A Deadly Storm while Kate is interviewing Lockwood. He was transfered to general population and is about to kill a fellow prisoner, McCallister. The officers are too late to stop the murder. They have found out that the transfer signature was forged, so they have to find out who needed the money.

Kate and Rick are going to Lockwood’s arraignment to find out who has him on a leash. In the courtroom, a cop throws a bomb-like object into the court and breaks Lockwood out. Everyone is stunned as he makes his exit in a chopper. Kate gives chase and fires off several rounds into the helicopter.

They found that Lockwood made a call and was told to “continue mission”. Kate thinks Lockwood is after her, but Rick said that there’s a third cop who’s Lockwood’s next target. Rick got an unexpected visit from Kate’s father, who told Rick that he doesn’t want to lose his daughter over this trained killer. He asked Rick not to let Kate throw her life away.

Ryker was apparently the third cop! The transfer was signed and he had received a $50,000 wire transfer in his bank account. When the cops arrived, they found Ryker dead in his apartment. All of Ryker’s co-workers say that he was a stand-up guy. Apparently the third cop is still at large, because the cop and Lockwood did financials on the guards.

Rick has found that Napolitano’s name was fudged with on the arrest records. Rick asked the Chief to take Kate off of the case, but the Chief said that the only one who could ask her to do that is him. Rick is worried about Kate getting herself killed.

Rick went to Kate’s apartment and told her that she’s Lockwood’s next target. He asked her to walk away or they’re going to kill her. He said to think about the people that love her. She blows up at him. He said she crawled inside her mother’s murder and has been hiding there. He said that he’s known her for three years and she’s been spending all of her time with men she doesn’t love. I thought, in that moment, he was going to tell her that he loves her. She said that they’re over and told him to get out.

Rick is talking to his mother about Kate after throwing a glass at the floor. He’s worried about Kate, but his mother reassures him that she’s a homicide detective. Kate goes to the Chief and asks him to get rid of Castle, and he agrees.

The detectives found the possible “third cop” who was monitoring the record room. The Captain was greeted by Lockwood. Holy crap, the Captain is the third cop?!???? Lockwood threatens the Captain’s family and says that it’s either Kate or them and tries to get him to arrange a meeting after calling off the surveillance detail.

The Captain calls Kate to meet him. The detectives have just found out that it’s Captain Montgomery who is the third cop. Now they have to get to Kate before she gets to the airplane hangar. The Captain is there to meet Kate with a gun, just as she gets a text message notifying her that he’s the third cop.

The Captain is telling her about the incident and said that he can’t go to jail for this, because he was a rookie when it happened. The Captain is actually saving Kate and called Castle to get her out of there. Kate has forgiven her, but the Captain is begging him to get her out of there. Lockwood showed up and the Captain open fired on him and his crew. Lockwood shot and killed him and said that he was going to kill her anyway. The Captain fired a shot at Lockwood, killing him and telling him that they’re both done.

Kate is telling everyone at the precinct not to let the news out that this ever happened. She said he deserves to die a hero.

As Kate is giving the funeral service, she gets shot. Rick tells her that he loves her!!! Is she going to die?!?? They’ve already announced season four of the show, but it’s not titled “Beckett”, is it? What do you think???

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