Castle Season 4 Episode 5 ‘Eye Of The Beholder’ Live Recap 10/17/11

Castle Season 4 Episode 5 ‘Eye Of The Beholder’ Recap 10/17/11

On tonight’s episode of Castle, we’ll see Kate Beckett getting upset and/or jealous of Rick Castle’s new love interest, Serena Kaye, who is played by Kristin Lehman.

Kate obviously has feelings for Rick and for some reason, she doesn’t want to show it. She also knows exactly how Rick feels about her. So what’s going to happen when they add a new lady friend into the mix? How long will his relationship with Serena last? The writers on the show have not released the guest cast list for any of the upcoming episodes, so we’re wondering how permanent Serena is going to be?

We do know that Kate will once again be talking to her therapist, Dr. Carter Burke, as played by Michael Dorn. (ST: TNG nod nod wink wink)

Perhaps she’s struggling with the image of them kissing, in her head? She could take a leap and just tell him that she knows how he feels and that she feels the same! What do you think?

The show opened with a thief taking a valuable money sculpture from a museum. Afterward, the show cut to an art gallery. An assistant is walking into the back of the gallery and notices a bloody corpse nailed to a sculpture.

Afterward, we see Rick, talking to his mother. She’s trying to convince him to go to her acting class and wants to fix him up with a girl there. She said all he’s been doing is writing and working with Beckett. She wants to know if he has a reason for not putting himself out there.

Now, Rick is at the gallery, looking at a sculpture made from television sets. Kate tells Rick that she used to be a nude model. Cue awkwardness. They are investigating the crime involving the “Fist Of Capitalism”, which was worth $50 million. Kate asked why the alarm wasn’t triggered and wants to talk to who found the body.

She said the victim, Mr. Hays, was very supportive of artists like her. She said he was worried about someone stealing the Fist Of Capitalism. She thought he was paranoid. Serena Kaye, the museum’s insurance investigator said that the thief came in through the top of the gallery. She said they have a common goal in recovering the Fist as she gets a one percent finder’s fee. Kate’s telling Ryan to check on all of the catering vans.

Kate said that hair gel was found in the air ducts. Ryan said that two vans were found in the area without the caterer’s logo on them. Serena is in the office with Captain Gates and she’s making it official that Serena is her consultant on the case. Serena says that she’s looking forward to working with Kate.

Kate tells Serena has gigantic balls, and Serena tells her that she was right. Ryan brings her up to speed on the murder investigation. Ryan said that one of the flashdrives from the security footage is missing. Serena said that the Fist is hot now that there’s a body attached to it.

Esposito came in with some wires and said they were cut. Serena said that she knows Falco took the Fist, it’s his signature. Serena is going to talk to some people who won’t talk to cops and Castle is going with her. They’re talking about the case at a bar. A guy named Finn meets up with Serena about the diamonds. He said he can’t help her, they pass him some cash and he offers up some info.

Esposito is talking to Kate about Falco. Mrs. McHugh came in and told Kate that her husband stole the Fist. She said that she thinks it should stay in the museum and her husband said he would get the Fist back by any means necessary. He has stolen the Fist before.

They are now talking to Mr. McHugh about the Fist’s theft. Kate asks him where’s Falco. She told him that Falco killed Mr. Hays and that makes him an accessory to murder. He said that he didn’t want the Fist, that he only wanted his ex to think he wanted it so that she would give him the vineyard.

A man matching Mr. Hays’ description was looking into selling flawless diamonds. Serena is trying to make other contacts, via phone calls.

Rick tells his mother that he wants to make her the subject of his next book. Kate is talking to her therapist about her jealousy over Serena. She tells him that Castle is supposed to be on her team. Rick’s mother is telling him to ask Serena out. Cut back to Kate and she said that it’s complicated.

Back at the precinct, Kate and Rick are talking about Serena. Kate said that it’s obvious that Serena likes him and that he should “suit himself” when pursuing her. Over the past few years, they’ve found that Mr. Hays was really strapped for cash and had info on his laptop about the security system.

At the restaurant, Kate and Rick are talking to the hostess about Mr. Hayes meeting up with a hot blonde. Rick shows the hostess a cell phone shot of himself with Serena and the hostess IDs her as the woman Mr. Hays was with. Kate says that Serena is their thief.

Ryan and Esposito say that Serena was a possible art thief a few years ago. She approached the company and got a job by saying that they would work together. The Captain wants Serena hauled in. Castle said that she’s at her hotel. Kate said that they make a run at her without letting her in on it. Rick is supposed to keep her occupied on a date and stall her so that they can check her room.

On their date, Serena said that she was going to give him another day and then she was going to ask him out. Kate and Esposito are checking out her room, but aren’t finding anything. He suggests that finding out about Serena seems like it’s about something more.

At dinner, Serena tells Rick that she used to be an art thief. She specialized in returning art to their rightful owners. They’re flirting back and forth.

Back in her room, Kate is going through her iPad for more information. Serena offers to take Rick up to her room for a drink. He tries to stall her, but she says that they can get strawberries with extra whipped cream for dessert. Rick sends Kate an instant message to GET OUT! In the room Kate and Esposito find her tools of the trade, in addition to messages about the diamonds. They come out as Rick and Serena are about to go in and Rick kisses her to distract her. Kate yells, “HEY!”

They stop kissing and Serena asks what she’s doing. Kate said, “Arresting you for theft…and murder.”

Rick is telling Kate that she told him about her thieving past. He claims that he was trying to give her enough time to check her room. Kate tells him he can’t come in to question Serena because he’s been compromised.

She met with Mr. Hays prior to the heist. She said that she didn’t mention it because she wasn’t happy that she didn’t catch it. Kate found the tools she used to steal the items. She explained that the messages about the diamonds were because she wanted to sniff out Falco. Serena tells her to put aside her personal differences. She said her job is to recover the sculpture, any way she can. Serena tells Kate that she knows who Falco is. She stole the flashdrive.

Serena told Rick and Kate who Falco is and showed them how he was casing the joint. They found that the gel was made for the Wessex Hotel. SWAT is on their way there, to confront Falco. He says his name is William Holt and says his name isn’t Falco. Kate tells him that he was there when other items have gone missing. She shows him a photo of him looking at the Fist. She shows him the wires and he says he’s never seen it. They tell him about the hair gel that they found at the scene. He said that there are hundreds of people staying at the hotel.

He said that Falco is no murderer and isn’t as involved as they think. There was no equipment and no Fist. Serena says he knows something and he’s not telling them because he would have to admit that he was there. She tells Falco that she’s the Jackal and confirms it by telling him how she did a previous heist.

He said that he didn’t kill Mr. Hays, she said that he was there. Kate is showing her jealousy again, saying that Serena would kiss it out of Falco. Falco said that he got $200,000 to test the security system. He said he went back for the Fist, but saw a woman there. The only thing he saw was that the woman was wearing a black dress, approaching the Fist.

Serena said that she didn’t leave through the loading dock. Mr. Hays discovered the woman with the Fist and so she killed him. Rick says that the Fist never left the museum and kicks open a box containing it.

Mr. Hays’ assistant was mad about the destruction of the art box containing the Fist. They’re accusing her of the theft. She’s denying the theft. They’re saying that the piece was going back to her, only $50 million more expensive. She said no and that she sold the piece to Mrs. McHugh. Kate is accusing her of killing Brian Hays.

She said that she was just taking what was rightfully hers and that her husband was going to take it away. Kate tells her that her husband was going to let her have the Fist and that he didn’t even want it.

Serena is asking when she can collect the Fist. Kate tells Serena that Rick believed that she was never involved in the heist before their date. Kate leaves them alone. Serena said that she’s going back to her hotel and she would invite him back, but she doesn’t steal things that aren’t hers. Kate invites Rick out for a hamburger.

How cute! Maybe they will actually get together now? What do you think?

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