Castle Season 4 Episode 6 ‘Demons’ Recap

Castle Season 4 Episode 6 'Demons' Recap

An all new Castle is on tonight and we’re covering the show live! If you’ve missed our official recap of last week’s show, click here to read it.

This week, Rick and Kate confront the possibility of paranormal foul play when a ghost hunter gets murdered while investigating a haunting at a New York mansion.

Tonight’s show opens with the famed ghost hunter checking out some paranormal activity with a video camera. He hears noises and sees a ghost and yells, “Nooooo!”

Cut to Rick and Alexis watching a scary movie and she gets up to start Skyping with Ashley. Rick tells her not to rearrange her schedule at his beck and call. He gets a call and runs out to meet with Kate. She gives him advice on how to handle the situation.

Rick and Kate are surprised to see Ghost Wranglers at the crime scene and to find their victim is Jackson Sinclair. The landlord said he thought Sinclair could clean the place out from ghosts and make it rent-able. They’re all examining the body and the crime scene. Rick suggests that a ghost killed Jackson.

His producer said that he went into the house and locked himself in after doing a clean sweep. She went into the van to watch the feed. They’re watching the video of Jack, getting confronted by his killer and the video cuts out before the killer’s face is shown.

She advised them that Barry, the camera guy, had an argument with Jack earlier that day. Ryan and Esposito are talking about scrubbing the house and dinner later for their double date. Esposito says not to say anything controversial on their date.

Rick and Kate are talking to Barry about racking up his credit card bill. He’s telling them how Jack told him that he wasn’t going with him on lockdown. He said the haunted mansion in New York was his idea. They advise him that Jack was killed in the house. They’re saying that he avoided the cameras and turned off the cameras at the time of the murder. He was going through security, so he’s not the murderer.

They’ve found that when the video of the murder is slowed down, the tripod that Jack was using moved. Kate insists that there’s a reasonable explanation for it and Rick said, “There is….they’re heeeeeeere!”

Rick is researching the McLaren mansion and found that there were eight killings, starting in 1903. He said that a demon killed all of them, according to a book written on the house. Kate doesn’t buy it.

Ryan said Sinclair didn’t want to do the McLaren house and used to get creeped out by the house and walked out of his way to avoid it. Rick wants to investigate and Kate tells him to knock himself out. Ryan and Castle take off to investigate and Esposito is talking about Ron Berger to Beckett. He got out of prison five years ago, and he has a history with the victim.

Ron became a laughingstock for showing his story of getting molested by a ghost. Esposito said that they found his fingerprints in the McLaren house. He said he doesn’t want to go back to jail. He was there a month ago. He said Jack apologized to him for the prison show. The house was locked, but Jack wanted inside photos of the mansion, so he broke in.

Ryan and Castle are talking to a couple about the McLaren house and how supernatural events were happening. They heard voices in the living room, with the entire room a mess. They found a ghost hunter who told them to run. Her name is Mercy LaGrand. Sinclair said her name before he died.

Castle and Beckett went to Mercy to talk to her about Jack going to the McLaren house. She tells them that he took the assignment and he started to have dreams about bodies. She said they weren’t dreams, they were memories of great evil. He was remembering a woman, a lot of blood, a man and a knife. She told him to return to the room where the last murder happened. That murder happened over twenty years ago. She said Jack was there.

In 1991, Jack Sinclair was eleven, and they’re saying that he witnessed a murder. He heard screams from the house and repressed the memory. Castle and Beckett are talking to the investigator who was working the murder case from 1991. He told them that the guy claimed a demon was responsible for the victim’s death.

A week before he died, Jack called his brother’s lawfirm and was asking the wrong kind of questions about the murder. They’re talking to Mr. Benton, advising him that Jack died. He said he didn’t talk to Jack when he called. Kate tells him that they’re going to need his phone records and he said that she needs a warrant.

Castle’s mother said that the demon just didn’t like the furniture in the house. Alexis comes down and says that she’s going to a party and isn’t waiting on Ashley to call.

Rick goes to Kate, telling her about the house having a hidden alcove. He suggests that they take a look and she says tomorrow. He said they should go tonight unless she’s scared. She says “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” and they’re off!

They’re searching the mansion for a secret room, and she insists that there is a reasonable explanation for everything that has happened. She tells him about an experience that she had when she was younger, hearing a voice calling her name. She’s making it sound like a ghost story….but she’s messing with him. She said she doesn’t believe in ghosts, but a door just closed on them in the dark.

Kate is investigating a trap door in the ceiling. Esposito and Ryan are enjoying their double date and Ryan says it’s a perfect night. Ryan’s girlfriend brings up the topic of marriage and it’s awkward.

Rick and Kate are still investigating the escape door and into an attic, where there’s a magnetic field generator. The machinery is also tapped into the electricity and causes the lights to flicker. They said Matt Benton could’ve been living there the whole time and he never left. Rick’s freaking out because of the rats, but they’ve found a skeleton with a coat on. Its initials are MB. Kate said Rick was right and that Matt Benton never left the McLaren mansion.

They’re having the body investigated and the M.E. said he died about twenty years ago. Kate asked if he was killed 20 years ago, then how did he send those post cards fifteen years ago.

Ryan and Esposito are bickering about the marriage awkwardness at dinner, and Esposito is splitting from his girlfriend to let things cool off.

Kate and Rick are talking to Mr. Benton again and they’ve found that he was engaged to Melanie, the last victim in the McLaren house. They’re telling him that his brother didn’t send those postcards and that he’s been dead for twenty years. He’s really broken up about her death and remembers every detail of the night of the death.

Rick said maybe Mr. Benton was right that Melanie was having an affair. He wanted the house torn down, but it was declared a landmark. Kate said that it’s all circumstantial and the D.A. will never buy it. They’re back at the mansion, hiding in the secret room, waiting for Fuller to come in. Instead, they find Detective Smith. He said that he loved Melanie and it wasn’t an affair. She wanted to call it off and he didn’t. The detective said that Matt Benton treated Melanie like crap. He clicks something that kills the lights. He grabs Kate’s gun and points it at her.

The police swarms in after videotaping his confession. Rick tells Kate that Jack Sinclair’s ghost might have been helping solve his own murder.

Back at the house, Alexis and Rick are talking about her meeting up with Ashley. She says it’s hard to keep a long distance relationship.

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