Castle Season 4 Episode 7 ‘Cops & Robbers’ Live Recap 10/31/11

Castle Season 4 Episode 7 ‘Cops & Robbers’ Live Recap 10/31/11

Tonight is an all new episode of the hit show Castle, titled, Cops & Robbers. In case you’ve missed last week’s episode, you can read our official recap of Demons here.

In this episode, Martha and Rick venture off to the bank, but are taken hostage by a group of bank robbers who use popular television doctors’ names as aliases.

Kate is on the outside of the heist, trying to rescue them with a hostage negotiator, played by Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris. Reportedly, the robbers have a more sinister plan and are only using the heist as a distraction.

The show opens with Rick and Martha at the bank and she’s trying to get a loan to fix her studio. She won’t let him co-sign or give her the money. Rick calls Kate and tells her that the bank is about to be robbed, after spotting people coming in the bank wearing scrubs. The bank is being held up!

Of the robbers points a gun at Rick and takes his phone and says he’s going to make an example out of Rick. Kate is talking to the hostage negotiator, telling him that Rick is in there. He wants her to leave his command post and let him do his job.

Captain Peterson summons Kate, because the robber she talked to before only wants to talk to the cop with “the bedroom voice”. He tells her to keep the robber talking. She’s talking to Trapper John and he said that she’s running that idiot’s playbook. He said if she lies to him or jerks him around, he will kill hostages and he’ll start with her boyfriend.

One of the hostages is blaming Rick for calling the cops, but the other hostage says that the robbers triggered the alarm. Rick is asking why the robber keeps going to the back room with the safety deposit boxes instead of the room with freely available cash. Rick asks to go to the bathroom and he sees one of the other gunmen going through the boxes.

The bank manager appreciates Martha’s work and remembers her from a play she did. Rick saw Trapper moving pictures and stuff from one of the boxes. Rick said that the hostage situation is a cover up for the robbers doing something worse. Trapper calls Kate and she tells him that she wants to get the pregnant woman, Simone, out of there. He’s telling her that he wants a bus and a plane and he’s giving her three hours.

Rick is sending Kate messages using Martha’s watch…he’s telling her SDB 120, which is the safety deposit box that Trapper is checking through. The one hostage came back from the bathroom, telling the others that the robbers have c4.

Ryan and Esposito going to Agnes and Gideon, who own the safety deposit box. Gideon died four years ago, so it’s not him who’s checking the box. They bust in to the apartment and find Agnes, dead — and has been for a week. The killer was looking for something. They found a broken necklace around her neck, and it’s missing a key (possibly). They found that the apartment was bugged. Alexis approaches Kate and asks if her dad and grandmother are inside.

One of the other hostages needs air and is having a seizure. Rick sees his bracelet and he has epilepsy. Dr. Quinn tells the other robber to get Trapper, because the guy has had a grand mal seizure. Kate is being summoned with an incoming call. Alexis calls Ashley and asks him to call.

Trapper tells Kate that one of the hostages had a seizure and they need to send a paramedic to come get him. In return, they want the bus outside within 20 minutes. Kate goes in as a paramedic, to get the guy and Rick gives her a note telling her that they have C4.

Kate tells Alexis that her dad is okay and to get behind the yellow line. The negotiator tells her that they need to get more time. She calls Trapper and tells him that they need 20 more minutes. He fired a warning shot and then points a gun at Rick. She tells him that she needs 20 minutes to get the bus and that if he shoots anyone, she’ll put a bullet in his head.

Rick tells Trapper that he’s got their whole plan figured out. Kate can’t figure out what’s up with Agnes’ murder and why Trapper gave her 20 minutes without asking her for anything. Kate is talking to Ryan and Esposito about her death and she has only one living relative. Just then, the bank gets blown up!

Afterward, the cops go into the bank to find that the hostages are in the safety deposit box room, locked up. She’s happy to see him and he’s relieved. The hostage negotiator said that the robbers blew up their exit and killed themselves.

One of the hostages is Agnes’ son, the guy who had a seizure, Ron Brandt. He got into her safety deposit box and blew up the rest of the robbers and got out scott-free. Ron is planning on kidnapping his son and killing his wife, after he finds that she faked her death.

They go to the church and ask the Father where Tonya and her son are hiding. They inform him that Agnes is dead and Ron has the contents of her safety deposit box. Ron goes to Tonya’s and hits her and she falls down. He goes into his son’s room and snatches him up. He points a gun at her and it clicks and he tells her that he wants her to live without their son, Connor. The cops surround the place and grab him.

Rick takes Kate home with him, where Martha has prepared a huge dinner to celebrate life. Alexis is on the phone with Ashley and she’s telling him that she can’t do this anymore and they’re done.

Rick tells Kate that he’s saved her life nine times and she’s saved his only eight times. She’s more surprised that he’s keeping score.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Are Rick and Kate growing closer?

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