Castle Season 4 Episode 8 ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ Recap 11/7/11

Castle Season 4 Episode 8 ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ Recap 11/7/11

We’re recapping tonight’s episode of Castle, titled Heartbreak Hotel tonight, as it airs, LIVE! If you’ve missed last week’s show, get up to date with our recap.

On tonight’s show, Castle joins Detectives Ryan and Esposito as they venture off to Atlantic City to investigate the murder of a casino owner. This also gives the guys an opportunity to give Detective Ryan an impromptu bachelor party.

Richard Burgi guest stars as Charlie Turner as the slick business partner of the victim.

The show opens with Rick dressed up as Elvis, being dragged away to a bad guy’s office. Cut to 16 hours earlier and Rick and Alexis are talking about her breakup with Ashley.

Rick and Kate arrive at the scene of the crime. The victim is Sam Siegel, the co-owner of the Sapphire. Kate tells them to call the Sapphire and get some info on the victim. Rick says that Atlantic City is the perfect place for a bachelor party. Ryan suggests a camping trip, but Esposito says NO, and that he’s in charge of it.

Ryan says that the GPS goes to his ex-wife’s place. They interrogate her and she said that they don’t get along anymore. She tells them that Sam told her he was in trouble and that he wanted her to sign over her share of a building. He told her that his life depended on it. He offered her $1.5 million for the building, which is the full price. She said she was in her apartment all night — her doorman confirms her alibi.

Captain Gates tell the guys to put out an APB on Ralph Marino and tells them to go to Atlantic City. Kate said for him to go with her, but Gates says that Castle is with the guys. She wants to see what Kate can do without him. Castle declares it an impromptu bachelor party while on a case.

Kate tells the Captain that she hasn’t found anything, and the Captain tells her she could be a better cop if she minimizes the distractions. The guys are talking to the casino’s co-owner, Mr. Turner. He tells them that Sam and Ralph had an issue when he asked Ralph’s girl to blow on his dice.

Ralph listed his cousin in New York as a contact. Kate confronts him with a gun. She is interrogating him and he said he wasn’t there when Sam was shot. He said that Sam told him that he wanted to meet a guy in the warehouse alone. He said a black SUV pulled up to the warehouse as he was leaving, but he didn’t see who was inside.

At the casino, Castle got them three front-row seats and tables at another club there. Sam was punched and then he rushed out to the property. They go to the tech guy, who is pulling up any footage of Sam.

Kate goes to the Captain, she thinks she knows why someone wanted Sam killed. Someone transferred ten million dollars to an offshore bank account. Charlie Turner punched Sam, according to the security footage.

They confront Charlie about punching Sam and said that he knew about his embezzling. He was mad about Sam stealing the money and he never returned the cash and now he’s dead. The guys go to the massage parlor, trying to figure out if Sam tried to communicate with anyone before or during the massage. Captain Gates tell the detectives to bring Nadine in, but she gets snatched up by a black SUV before they can talk to her. Nadine is their thief and whoever took her, wants the money.

They go back to Charlie and tell him that Nadine is the thief. They want to check out the SUVs from the hotel, but he kicks them out — literally, telling them that they have no jurisdiction there. Nadine called Charlie Sullivan before the transaction. Kate finds out that they’ve been kicked out and she tells them that she’s driving there.

Rick tells them that he can get them back into the casino, so they all dress up as Elvis impersonators. They go back to the tech guy and ask about Nadine. They wanted Sam to hand over the building in Queens. He is in love with Nadine, so he transferred the money out to get the deed because Nadine’s parents live there.

The guards kick out Ryan and Esposito and take Castle back to Charlie’s office. He wants his money and says he won’t beat up a cop, but that’s why they nabbed him, instead of them. Tommy Moretti made a loan to the Sapphire and it was his money that Nadine stole. Charlie called Moretti and told him to meet them. Kate said they’ll be ready to arrest him.

Kate confronts Moretti and he said he didn’t do it. Sam called him, but he said he didn’t kill him because “you can’t get money from a dead guy.” Kate goes back to interrogating Sam’s wife about the missing money. She signed the quit claim deed after he threatened her with a gun. She said after he left, she got her .38 and hunted him down like the animal he was.

Back at Castle’s place, Alexis is scrambling to clean the place, super fast after a bunch of teenagers crashed her party and trashed the place. He comes in and asks about a missing statue, but Alexis tells him that his mother might have taken it as a set dressing for her play.

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