Castle Season 4 Finale Promo Video – Will Rick And Kate Finally Be Together?

Castle Season 4 Finale Promo Video - Will Rick And Kate Finally Be Together?

We can’t be the only ones who went all fan girl when we saw the season finale video for next week’s episode of “Castle”, titled “Always”. Will Rick Castle and Kate Beckett finally get down to business and be a real couple already? Or is that just wishful thinking on our part?

The show’s writers have been teasing a hookup for the longest time (four seasons!) — so we think it’s high time that us fans get to cash in on the hopes that they will get together. The season finale shows Rick telling Kate that she’s not in this alone. She says, “I know” as she grasps his hand. The show will center around her mother’s murder investigation, but it’s something that Rick knows is dangerous for her. Rick wants her to stop the investigation, but we all know how Kate is. She won’t listen to him and will forge ahead to learn the identity of the man responsible for her mother’s death.

Since Rick has been doing his own side investigation into her mother’s death, he knows that someone will be out to strike again against Kate if she pursues it.

The promo teases a kiss and with an “S” rating from the good folks at ABC, we’re guessing that they’re finally going to hook up. It’s about time! Will season five be all about Caskett?


Are you excited for “Always”? Hit the comments with your thoughts on their relationship. Do you think it will move forward now that Kate can finally accept their feelings for each other?

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