Castle Season 5 Episode 2 Recap ‘Cloudy With A Chance Of Murder’ 10/1/12

Castle Season 5 Episode 2 Recap 'Cloudy With A Chance Of Murder' 10/1/12

Tonight at 10PM EST is an all new episode of the hit crime drama “Castle”. Tonight’s episode is titled “Cloudy With A Chance Of Murder” and we’ve got the official synopsis below:

On Beckett’s first day back from her suspension, she and Castle are thrown into the salacious world of local TV news when WHNY’s veteran weather girl is found dead. As if navigating an industry full of backstabbing and ruthless ambition weren’t difficult enough, they have to do it while hiding their new relationship from their coworkers.

In case you’ve missed last week’s season premiere episode, titled “After The Storm”, you can read our full recap here. It looks like Rick and Kate are still trying to keep their new romance under wraps, so this ought to prove interesting. Our question is whether or not Kevin and Javier will be able to reconcile their bromance? What do you think? Let us know your favorite part of this season so far and stay tuned for our live recap of the show tonight at 10PM EST!


Kate is trying on a blouse when Rick gives her some coffee. They’re bickering over what she’s wearing on her first day back at work. She doesn’t want anyone at work to know that they’re dating. She tells him to act normal when they’re in public.

At the crime scene, they’re acting like everything is normal. Lanie notices something different about Kate. The victim suffered a gunshot wound. Apparently Kevin and Javier have yet to bury the hatchet. Kevin and Javi are looking for the victim’s apartment by calling her cell phone. They barge into a guy’s house who has the phone and a purse with makeup.

They yank the guy in for questioning. His name is Johnny and he’s been in trouble for stalking and indecent exposure. He said that he found Mandy Michaels’ purse in a dumpster. Kevin found a note in the purse that says “If any of this gets out, I will kill you”. Lanie found dark, camera makeup on her sweater. Rick and Kate go to WHNY to talk to the station manager where Mandy worked.

Mandy and a new girl named Rebecca were at each other’s heels last night. They have footage of their fight on tape. After Rebecca shoved Mandy, the camera guy turned off his camera and broke up the fight. When things cooled down, he left.

Rebecca admits to hating her, but says she didn’t kill Mandy. Rebecca said that Mandy broke into her office last week and stole some of her equipment. Javier confirmed Rebecca’s alibi with her cab driver. She paid for her taxi using her credit card. Rebecca said that if they want to find Mandy’s killer, find the driver of the SUV who picked her up.

Rick met up with an entertainment reporter lady and they’re going to meet up later. Kate is jealous. The makeup girls say that Mandy had a secret man with whom she was keeping a relationship. Mandy was dating Reggie Blake, a married MVP. He’s the driver of the silver SUV who picked Mandy up the night she was killed. Did Reggie kill Mandy over their affair?

Kevin and Javi come back to the station with black eyes after confronting Reggie’s goons. Reggie said that he and Mandy weren’t having an affair and that his wife knew her, as well. Mandy didn’t want her co-workers to find out because that’s how rumors get started. He said he dropped her off at the park, but she seemed nervous. He tells Javi and Kevin that she seemed hurt three days ago and made a trip to the ER. Javi confirms Reggie’s alibi. Kevin came in and Javi called him out for wearing makeup to cover his black eye.

Kevin told them that he found another WHNY reporter named Miles leaving Mandy’s house. They were dating for a couple of months. He said that their co-workers never found out so their careers wouldn’t be destroyed.

Javi said that Mandy was in the ER for an asthma attack and she arrived in a WHNY news chopper. Rick gets swept away for an interview for the network. The guy with the news chopper said that she wanted to take a flight over New Jersey and then she started breathing heavy.

Kate walks back into the news station where Rick is being interviewed by the reporter. She asks if he’s dating anyone special, to which he says no. Then she asks him out on a date and Kate starts paying attention. He doesn’t say no, which makes her upset. Uh oh!

Mandy was using the equipment she stole from Rebecca in the chopper when she was up in the air. Rebecca found styrene from the equipment that Mandy was using. That apparently causes asthma attacks. She was also talking to kids in the ER about asthma. She wanted to know the air quality in an area in New Jersey because there were a lot of cases of asthma there. They’ve traced the styrene to Kazouli Manufacturing. Mandy made the connection between the factory and the styrene in the air.

Rick and Kate discuss the case in front of the president of the company until he snaps. He wrote the note to scare her away and said he threatened her. Kevin found that Mandy had a partner in her investigation because she couldn’t be in two places at once.

Rick rushes home to get ready for his date with the reporter Christina and she ends up at his door. She’s got wine, chocolate covered strawberries and oysters to get him in the mood. She grabs his butt and butt dials Kate on her cell phone. She’s coming on to him big time, but ends up breaking glass and he’s screaming no. Kate tries to call him back, but gets his voicemail so she rushes to his house. She busts in to his place after hearing more glass break and finds Christina on top of him in a bikini. She looks disgusted, but he says that he knows who the killer is.

At the station, Rick tries to explain himself, but Kate is so angry. Apparently Miles turned Christina down previously. Mandy was helping him with the story and he took the photo of the smoke stack. She uncovered the story and she turned her findings over to the EPA. Did he kill her for the story?

Kate tells Miles that they found gun residue on his clothes and they know it was him. He says that it was an accident and he only wanted to scare her. He wanted to break the story like she promised him. He didn’t know the gun was loaded.

The news station airs footage of the fight involving Kevin, Javier and Reggie’s goons. Kevin took a punch for Javi and he offers to buy drinks. Rick shows up at Kate’s house, apologizing for going out on a date with Christina. She says that they can talk about dating other people, but actually date other people. He tries to lean in for a kiss, but Kate says that she can’t because she’s still got the image of Christina’s boobs in his face. He smirks. Ha.

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