Castle Season 5 Episode 3 ‘Secret’s Safe with Me’ Recap 10/8/12

Castle Season 5 Episode 3 'Secret's Safe with Me' Recap 10/8/12

Tonight after “Dancing With The Stars” is an all new episode of the fifth season of “Castle”. Tonight’s episode is titled “Secret’s Safe With Me” and it’s based upon “Storage Wars”. We can’t wait! In case you’ve missed last week’s episode, you can read our detailed recap here.

Tonight’s episode synopsis:

When a young woman is mysteriously murdered, Beckett and Castle discover her death may be linked to a repossessed storage unit up for auction. Was the unit connected to her death? Was something inside it worth killing for? The investigation leads Castle and Beckett to colorful Storage Wars-like treasure seekers and Manhattan socialites as they uncover the shocking truth.

Stay tuned for our live recap of the show as it airs. Are you excited for more Caskett awkwardness?


The show opens with a murder victim Wendy Dupre writing something on the floor in blood. Meanwhile, Alexis is packing up a lot of stuff to leave for her college dorm. His mother is telling him that he should tell Alexis of his sexual relationship with Kate. Kate is miffed because Alexis might tell Lanie, who would tell Javier and then he would tell Kevin.

At the crime scene, the victim wrote “lie” on the floor in her own blood. She checked into the hotel yesterday with $4,000. They found a guy who sent her a nasty text message. She took off with his money and he didn’t even know that she was murdered.

Lanie called Kate’s phone and Rick answered. She got a partial fingerprint on the shell casing. Kate is upset that Rick answered her phone and checked through her stuff. Kevin said that the victim took a cab to 8th and Market streets. She went to a warehouse there where they auction off old storage units from people who don’t pay their bills. She didn’t actually write “lie”, she wrote “317”, which happens to be the storage unit number.

Rick and Kate are looking through the storage unit under the name Johan Fleming. He’s got a checkbook and $2,000 in his pocket to bid on the unit. Kate asks another guy there for all of his cash for a check from Rick. He’s being bid against by a Russian guy. Rick won the bidding at $3,600. Captain Gates comes in and yells because all of the items are in her precinct. That was until Rick gifts her with a doll that she’s been looking for for years. Johan’s real name is Wendell Dupre.

Wendell is dead, but the circumstances are shaky. He used to work for Angelica Henley, so Rick and Kate decide to go see her in the middle of a cocktail party. They question her about Wendell. She said that two days before he died, she was robbed of a four million dollar bracelet.

Kate and Javier go to see the guy who bid against them for the storage unit. They think he knew what was in the unit. He was offered $500 by a guy to be his proxy for the unit, but he declined. Rick tells Kate that he went through the entire unit and couldn’t locate the bracelet anywhere. Captain Gates comes up to Rick to have him autograph her “Frozen Heat” book.

They found footage of a guy named Marco who broke into the storage unit to get a safe. They approach him with guns blazing. They pull him in for questioning and try to pin Wendy and Wendell’s deaths on him. Marco admits to Kate and Javier that he helped Wendell break into the penthouse for the bracelet. After learning of Wendell’s death, he broke into his apartment to find the bracelet. Instead, he found a storage unit key.

Was Angelica trying to do an insurance job for the bracelet so that she could get the $2 million insurance. They all go to her place and get her to open the wall safe. The bracelet is there! Kate pulls her in for questioning. She freaked out that her apartment was broken into and then learned that nothing was taken, she decided to fake it.

Kate and Rick want to kiss each other after they figure out some of the details of the case. But, they can’t, so they do a nice handshake.

At school, Alexis is upset that she won’t wake up and have her dad there. She asks him to check under her bed one last time for monsters. Aww.

At the station, Castle breaks the doll that he gave Captain Gates for whatever Wendell hid in there. As he smashes it on the ground, the captain walks in yelling at Rick for dropping it. That was a doll that she’d brought in from home. He breaks the other doll and finds a glass eye and a USB drive in it.

On the USB drive, there are photos on there of an older crime scene. He was looking for someone with a glass eye. Apparently Angelica’s butler caused an accident which claimed the lives of Wendell and Wendy’s parents. It’s his eye. They arrest the butler for the murders of Wendy and Wendell.

Kate tells Rick of her reminder of joy in the form of a doll that she keeps in her desk. They shake hands again. Rick goes home to find some of Alexis’ “leave at home” boxes from her move. His mother says that she will continue to live there so he won’t ever ever have to be alone.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Castle”?

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