Channing Tatum Humbled By His Past As A Stripper

Channing Tatum takes off his clothes in the new movie Magic Mike and has revealed that his past as a stripper has humbled him. He said that was because it reminded him how foolish guys feel taking off their clothes for money. Like women don’t have that same problem?!?

Before getting to the big time, Channing started out as a stripper at a nightclub in Tampa, Florida and this movie is all about his experiences during that time. He said that he is proud to have written some of the script for the movie alongside Steven Soderbergh, he didn’t like the memories that it drudged up.

In a new interview, he said, “It was weird going back to Florida and walking the streets of Ybor City, this club district in Tampa. Walking those streets again was very interesting. I don’t know how I feel about doing this again because it was very humbling.”

He continued, “Female stripping is so much different than male stripping because males are sort of making fools out of themselves. We’re not sexy whatsoever. The more clownish you are, the more entertaining you are.”

He added, “I don’t talk to anybody from those days. My best friend doesn’t do it anymore. We got out of it the exact same time.”

So males aren’t sexy, huh? We will certainly be the judge of that once the movie hits theaters!

Photo Credit: damion hall / PCN Photos

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