Charlie Sheen Auctions Off ‘Anger Management’ Set Visit For Charity

Charlie Sheen Auctions Off 'Anger Management' Set Visit For Charity

Charlie Sheen is auctioning off a behind-the-scenes set visit of his new FX show “Anger Management” in order to raise money for charity. He offered the visit for the Step Up Women’s Network, which encourages girls from under-privileged backgrounds to achieve their goals in their careers.

Reportedly, the fundraiser on Charity Buzz is expected to net $2,500 for the charity. Also giving toward the cause is Kelsey Grammer, who is auctioning off a spot to a winner who will get to intern at his TV company for a month.

In addition, Jennifer Carpenter is inviting a fan for a meet and greet on the set of “Dexter”. Lastly, Abigail Breslin also donated a tour from one of her movie projects.

Kudos to them for doing their part to raise money for charity!

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