Charlie Sheen Forced To Change His Cell Phone Number

Charlie Sheen Forced To Change His Cell Phone Number

Charlie Sheen was forced to change his cell phone number after he tweeted it out to his millions of fans — by accident.

He was trying to reach Justin Bieber and sent the message to the public, instead of a direct message. He tweeted, “310-954-7277 Call me bro. C”. Fans of the actor’s immediately started flooding his cell phone with voicemail and text messages. It was really him, because he picked up the phone a few times, joking around.

A source revealed, “Charlie’s phone immediately went into meltdown. It was ringing wildly, and he got 1,800 text messages in minutes. Charlie saw the funny side and answered the phone a few times, saying things like, ‘Ray’s Pizza’ and ‘Winning’. But his phone just continued ringing and buzzing and eventually just completely melted down. Charlie was like, ‘I guess I need a new phone.'”

His spokesperson said, “I haven’t been able to get through to him on the phone since Wednesday. He just got a new number.”

It wasn’t revealed why he wanted Justin to contact him. Does Charlie have plans for himself with Justin Bieber???

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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