Charlie Sheen Impressed By Ashton Kutcher’s Affair

Charlie Sheen Impressed By Ashton Kutcher's Affair

Now that Ashton Kutcher has replaced Charlie Sheen on Two And A Half Men, Charlie was left impressed by the events surrounding his successor’s personal life.

Now that Ashton is on the show, his personal life is appearing to mimic Charlie’s character. Charlie said, “Do you think that’s intentional? Was it a plan of his? I was kind of impressed…I thought, ‘Hey, man, make it colorful!'”

Demi Moore filed for divorce after it was rumored that Ashton had an affair with Sara Leal on the sixth anniversary of their wedding. So does Charlie have any words of wisdom for Ashton?

He said, “No, that’s personal stuff that he’s got to deal with. I don’t know the man well enough to offer advice. I just wish him well and hope it all ends peacefully.”

When speaking of his own media tirades, he added, “It is what it was. But I just try to pick my spots wisely and think a little longer before I speak.”

Do you think Charlie was in awe of the “goddess” that Ashton hooked up with for his fling? Ha.

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