Charlie Sheen Loved The Two And A Half Men Premiere — Did You?

Charlie Sheen Loved The Two And A Half Men Premiere -- Did You?

If you were one of the millions of people who tuned into the ninth season of Two And A Half Men, then you’re not alone. Apparently, Charlie Sheen was watching right along with us. And even though the show was panned by fans of the show, Charlie said that he loved it!

Ashton Kutcher replaced Charlie on the show, after his very public meltdown earlier this year. Ashton’s character, Walden Schmidt, took over, landing the show in the top spot in the ratings game.

Charlie didn’t just like the show, he loved it! According to reports, Charlie has told friends that watching his funeral on the show was “eerie but fun.”

Of his replacement, Charlie said, “I thought it was the best intro for a new character on a TV show of all time.” Reportedly, he also liked the fact that Ashton’s character “was revealed through the dusty exploded smoke of my remains.”

What did you think of the season premiere of the show? Did you love it or hate it? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • Moe

    The worst two and a half men I have ever seen!!!!
    Stop kidding yourselves the show dont work without Sheen!!!

    • Sharhola

      Totally agee!!!!!!

    • PO

      “Don’t work”?  Nice grammar.

  • Birgit Cassandra Lewis

    The character reactions to Charlie’s death were totally far-fetched and not believable – even the actors seemed to know that what they were doing was totally out of character. 

    Come on, Bertha, Alan, his mum and especially Chelsea wouldn’t make fun of him had he just died a horrible death like that… morbid storyline – with fake canned audience laughter… Embarrassing for the whole cast ! 
    the script was about as convincing as George Bush as president… painful to watch the cast having to play sooo out of character… their reactions to Charlie’s death were a cringe festival of note!! An insult to the fans and viewers… i hope they discontinue this terrible patchwork of a show!! waiting for charlie’s anger management show now… 

    Lorre’s obviously trying to hurt Charlie Sheen with the ridiculously unrealistic script to 9.1…. and all he achieves is alienating both the fans and the cast. Charlie’s death…was like Mr.Lorre’s sick wishful thinking… 
    – slightly out of character for the ‘8year stalker’ Rose.. she’d drug him or kidnap him or tie him up or whatever â?? but murder him????? Nobody cares that Rose obviously pushed him in front of a train??? sure … it’s like all the actors were ordered to ‘urinate’ on 8 years of great acting … what a disaster… 

    Charlie Sheen has a couple of divorces, drug abuse & being fired from his job etc. to blame for his behavior… what reason does Chuck Lorre have to write a season 9.1 script that contradicts 8 years of 2.5men?? So unprofessional!!! 

    Thumbs down… Season 9 is a blatant slap in the face, not to Charlie Sheen, but to the audience!!!

    • dave

      what the hell are you talking about. since when has two and a half men ever been “believable”. plus it certainly wasnt canned laughter because i have seen different parts of backstage recording with a very real audience!

      rose is suppose to be a very crazy woman. if someone like that had a husband that she caught cheating you wouldnt beable to predict her reaction.

      it would have been even worse if they made the whole episode about mourning charlie, but thats not what two and a half men is. two and a half men takes the piss out of the misserable and the bad. 

      im a fan of two and a half men.. not charlie sheen! so stop licking his ass!

      • Dunuck

        2.5 men IS Charlie Sheen!

      • Joese

        u r an ass, Dave.

      • Joker Shar

        “Stop licking his ass” how nice!!!!     This show is a complete BOMB.
        I was not a fan of Charlie Sheen but he along with his cast members clicked.    It WAS funny and he was part of that!     Kutchers role does nothing “NOTHING” for the show.   

  • tony

    just boring, nothing else to say

  • Jodie Chadwick

    i loved it personally, i thought it was pretty good! would it be better if it was all three of them, charlie,alan, and aston kutcher,jake :) making it three and a half men

  • TamaraT

    The absolute worst THM show ever!  I will never watch it again!

    • Sharhola

      Nor will I.  It was a complete BOMB!    What are the critics smoking?

  • Eva

    But, this first episode was… just wrong. Whatever “issues” the people putting this series together may have between them, WE, the viewing public loved our Charlie. That IS why the series was a hit, remember? The entire episode felt like one painful, embarrassing-to-be-subjected-to, cheap shot to Sheen. Too bad the producers and/or writers couldn’t have behaved a little more mature than they accused Sheen of being. And then, to ice the cake, they had to destroy the Dharma and Greg story too. They’ve lost one viewer here. Sorry Ashton, I hope you do well, but, I, and several friends, are done with the series.

  • Disappointing Show

    I’ll admit that Sheen is not a like-able person off screen but he’s not the first Hollywood celeb to have a public meltdown and dabble in drugs, bimbos and booze. But like others have said already, he was the show and last night proved it.

    Did you see how flat and inadequate all the other actors looked without Charlie Harper? And what was the idea of having every bimbo from the last eight seasons show up? Was it to prop up a stinker of a premiere? It didn’t work!

    Chuck Lorre you better get down on your knees and beg… beg Charlie Sheen to come back, if he’s still willing to come back that is. (remember he has his own show tooling up too.)

    And Ashton? You’re a nice guy but stick to doing your Kelso act because you ain’t no Charlie Sheen.

  • Glgartman

    Very clever.  I  was very happy with the show.  I hadn’t been expecting it to be as good as it was.

  • Glgartman

    Rose was absolutely great in her brief appearance.  I hope she continues a a character on the show.

  • Doug

    I can see Allan doing a a bobby ewing in the shower! It was all just a bad dream!

  • Freestyle

     So SAD!  The chemistry is gone.  For the first time I only laugh once in the whole show when Jake planted an air bomb on the sofa. The remaining show was sadly UNFUNNY! The actors appeared to be “just there” and just doing their job of acting. Not one was able to spin off each other as they normally done before with ease. It use to be funny and hilarious in what appeared to be actual conversation amongst them all. This first show without Charley appeared what it was- a poorly spoken dialogue from a script where no one seems to really care. There was no chemistry amongst anyone. Poor John Cryer was trying to so darn hard to carry the show but you could tell and see it in his facial expression it was not working for him. The sparkle was gone from him and the show. Kutcher was totally unbeleivable, no depth and so not funny. In fact if he had been in a drama class performing this role, I would given  him a “D” for performance and a “F” for effort. Better wake up Execs of the show, this is not working all. Better go with the Dream theme where Jake or Allan has a nightmare  and wakes up and Charley is there fine as always. Cause if you keep A.K. you are looking at a mid season cancellation. Honestly you have a bombed out show with no following. Ratings were high just cause we wanted to see if it would bomb and it did. Next week ratings will be low!!

  • Dana P

    terrible i was a big fan i wont be watching anymore unless charlie comes back

  • Allison

    boring, and LAME, watched again last night……still boring and LAME
    Shocked at how bad it was….I thought Chaim Levine was a creative,  excellent writer! But it is clear that Charlie’s star shined so brightly on the set that it reflected on the other cast members…..without Charlie on the set one can really see that they can’t act !!! the only one of the cast who held their own was Holland Taylor (Evelyn Harper)….She was GREAT !!! as always !!! the rest looked like actors who could barely be cast in a high school play !

  • Lewresnick

    I thought Chuck Lorre was talented…but I see after 2 episodes that no one on that show has talent, except Holland Taylor, Charlie’s mom, Evelyn. She was her fabulous self, a true talent ! Everyone else…..sucked !!  Charlie totally carried that show ! Now, it is more evident than ever….and yes, I ,too ,thought he (Charlie) spun completely out of control in the last months, but now I sympathize with his frustration….he is right…he hit his mark everytime, HE made that show…He should’ve been more appreciated….massages and expresso, not cold coffee, as I seem to remember him referencing !