Charlie Sheen overdosed four times

Charlie Sheen overdosed four times

When you think of Charlie Sheen, the first thing that probably comes to mind is one of his silly catchphrases, like “Duh, winning!” But Charlie wasn’t always an unemployed winner. The former Two And A Half Men actor suffered four potentially fatal overdoses!

In the last six months, we’ve learned that Charlie only survived those overdoses because his friends and staffers gave him nitroglycerin tablets.

A source said, “Since Charlie’s latest tailspin began in October, he’s suffered at least four potentially fatal cocaine overdoses – maybe even more – but his life was saved each time by people who rushed to his side and rescued him.”

Reportedly, Charlie even planned for these overdoses and started carrying around the pills with him.

The National Enquirer reports:

During three of the episodes, an assistant or a friend in the home found Charlie “strewn across the floor, sweating bullets, while he was going in and out of consciousness,” continued the insider.

“Luckily, they got to him in time and were able to get a nitroglycerin pill under his tongue,” which revived him.

Another time, Charlie was alone and couldn’t get to his pills when he needed them, divulged the insider. He was able to call a friend from his cell phone just moments before he collapsed.

By the time the friend arrived, Charlie appeared to be unconscious. “Fortunately, this pal knew exactly what to do – give Charlie a pill under his tongue – and he eventually came out of it.”

The inside snitch added, “Charlie’s very good at beating the system. The question is how long he’ll be able to play his deadly game.”

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