Charlie Sheen used A-list status to pick up escorts

Charlie Sheen used A-list status to pick up escorts

Charlie Sheen obviously doesn’t have to do much to garner the attention of a female companion. But he did have to use the “I’m an A-lister” card in an email exchange with an escort.

Charlie was perusing, looking for some female companionship during his time in Las Vegas recently. He stumbled upon a girl named Ginger and tried to call her phone. Unfortunately for him, the phone was shut off, so he had to send an email…hence, the above photo.

It reads:

U are fabulous!
I’m an A-list actor that you mite like to meet….Ure phone is dead and out of service ….

Along with that note, he left her his phone number in order to reach him. Is Charlie the mack? Or just a pretentious douchebucket with an untamed anger management problem and too much money on his hands? Let us know in the comments below.

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