Charlie Sheen’s first Ustream webcast sucked

Charlie Sheen's first Ustream webcast sucked

If you thought last night’s premiere episode of Charlie Sheen’s webcast titled, Sheen’s Korner, sucked — then congratulations you have a pulse. Also, you’re not alone.

Charlie and his sycophants made the production all about Charlie, which in itself, doesn’t actually carry a show. Sorry Charlie!

100,000+ people tuned in for the trainwreck last night, but quickly realized that it turned into a snoozefest. Was it an overdose of that Charlie Sheen drug that we’ve been hearing so much about? Perhaps it was a bad batch of tiger’s blood?

Warlock Charlie is on it, though. He tweeted, “Fastball; last night was treasonous to the movement. my bad. a video solution coming soon. #SheensKorner” and “psst, check it, you’ve been warned. #SheensKorner a violent torpedo of truth. love or hate. do the math. c”

Would you sit through another episode of Sheen’s Korner? I think he needs to change the name to Charlie’s Corner and make it more about his viewership and less about himself. What did you think? Was it WINNING?

Update: Here’s another take on Charlie’s winning strategy!

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