Charlie Sheen’s Violent Torpedo of Truth in Cleveland! – Exclusive Photos


Tonight, Charlie Sheen brings his Violent Torpedo Of Truth/Defeat Is Not An Option tour to Cleveland, Ohio and we’ve got the low-down on the happenings of the evening! Roberta editor of is at the show and she is sending us all the info and the exclusive pics. Make sure to keep refreshing because we will be adding the scoop and more pics as we get them. Enjoy!

8:11 PM Music playing no charlie yet people still milling around
8:16 PM Music just changed everyone is getting excited
8:17 PM Lights just went out
8:23 PM Some guy behind me just shouted “f*!k detroit” charlie said “I agree coming down here was cooler than showing up to the worlds series as ricki vaughn”
8:24 PM Charlie is doing a Q & A session
8:26 PM Charlie is talking about winning
8:27 PM The crowd is chanting F*!k Detroit
8:28 PM Charlie held up a hat that said bi-polar on one side and bi-winning on the other.
8:41 PM Charlie’s talking about picking up hookers in Juarez during the filming of young guns 2. The crowd is loving it.
8:43 PM Hes talking about being married 3 times
8:44 PM Comparing his divorce to Lebron James, Audience chating f*!k Lebron
8:46 PM Charlie lights up another cigarette!
8:49 PM Hes says tmz got it wrong. He didn’t call Denise a kidnapper Brooke is the kidnapper. Denise is the dog napper
8:53 PM When the police showed up at his house it was like a policeman’s ball with no dancing
8:57 PM Women started throwing their clothes at Charlie
8:58 PM Intermission for ten minutes
8:15 PM Charlie is Back!
9:22 PM Moderator is prompting Charlie to tell stories.
9:26 PM Now hes talking about when hes was 8 he used to stutter – when he was nervous. He is talking about how people do not know how to listen.
9:28 PM He is talking about hookers and crack and how he met the goddesses.
9:32 PM He just brought out the goddesses
9:33 PM Now hes talking about a 7 gram rock
9:36 PM He’s talking about being in osaka to film navy seals a welcome poster said “Welcome Charlie”
9:37 PM Now hes talking about two and a half men.
9:41 PM He’s talking about replacing michael j fox on spin city
9:42 PM He says if he could find a job he would move here.
9:46 PM He’s introduced Bob his tweetmaster
9:48 PM He had a barbecue last night catered by hot sauce williams.
9:49 PM He went to Lidz. (Its a hat store)
9:50 PM Someone gave him an indians hat.
9:54 PM He’s talking about major league
9:55 PM He wants to film major league 3 in cleveland.
9:57 PM Thanks you and goodnight

IT WAS AN AWESOME SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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