Chaz Bono Has Life Saving Emergency Surgery?

Chaz Bono Has Life Saving Emergency Surgery?

It looks as if the National Enquirer is at it again with their claims about Chaz Bono’s health. On the November 2, 2011 issue, the tabloid claimed that Chaz only had four years left to live. Afterward, it was said that Chaz was suing the publication over their “smear campaign” with regard to his weight and health.

Not to be scared off, the Enquirer ran another story about Chaz a few weeks later. Apparently, at the time of that article, Chaz was 271 pounds and had already collapsed.

Fast forward to this week’s issue, which claims that Chaz is 301 pounds and is undergoing life saving emergency surgery. Underneath that news, the tabloid claims Chaz had a “heart attack shocker” and a “dangerous three-hour procedure”. His mother, Cher, was so worried that she suffered an anxiety attack.

Also featured in this issue is Bachelor competitor Lindzi Cox running back to her ex. Is Ben Flajnik really going to ditch her for Courtney Robertson? Reality Steve says YES! Will this cause Lindzi to run back to her ex?

Another cover story is Oprah Winfrey giving Bobbi Kristina Brown a $1 million job. What do you think Oprah’s going to have her doing?

Do you believe the rumors about Chaz Bono? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts!

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  • Djgon

    I can only hope that Chaz is fine and the Enquirer is full of crap for the millionth time. I hope he sues them so bad they can’t ever publish again.

  • me

    Who gives a crap. You are an embarrassment to the human race.