Chaz Bono To Host Saturday Night Live With Cher?

Chaz Bono To Do Saturday Night Live With Cher?

Now that Chaz Bono has performed on Dancing With The Stars this season, he’s said to be getting courted for a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live!

Producers of the show are trying to get Chaz to host SNL, and not only that, but he’s trying to get his mother, Cher, to host it with him.

A source said, “Chaz has been flooded with offers since becoming a DWTS contestant – he’s becoming a Hollywood sensation. Guest-starring on SNL before a live crowd would be a milestone for Chaz. And he wants his mother to come along to give him extra confidence. A show with the two would be a ratings bonanza – and the NBC brass is thrilled that a deal is in the works.”

The source added, “The jackpot would be to have Cher do a few skits with Chaz, but producers are hoping they can at least get her as a musical guest. Everyone connected with the secret plan is keeping their fingers crossed it becomes a reality.”

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