Cher Performs ‘Woman’s World’ On ‘The Voice’ (Video)

Cher Performs 'Woman's World' On 'The Voice' (Video)

For the first time since 2003, veteran singer Cher has performed in front of a live audience on television. On Tuesday night’s season finale of the hit singing competition The Voice, Cher performed her newest single Woman’s World – and we’ve got video!

We couldn’t even tell, but apparently she was nervous in performing in front of so many people. Who knew?

Watch her performance:

After her performance, she said, “It was frightening and fun, when you haven’t actually been live and been in front of an audience. It wouldn’t be bad if it was a concert, but to be in front of a gazillion people made it a little bit uncomfortable and nerve-racking.”

She added, “Plus, I have had some really hard times with my throat. I went to Russia and had something and my voice hasn’t been great, so I was really nervous. I think what I didn’t have with my voice, I covered with having a good time!”

What did you think of her performance last night? Share your thoughts below!

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