Cheryl Cole Returns To Work Following Car Accident

Cheryl Cole Returns To Work Following Car Accident

Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole and were involved in a bit of a nasty car accident in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Despite being advised to rest up following the accident, Cheryl has decided to fly back from L.A. to the U.K. to work.

Apparently, Will hit a parked car with his Cadillac, but that hasn’t slowed Cheryl down. She is apparently very determined to promote her new song in the U.K. So, she has taken a flight back with her arm in a sling.

A friend said, “They were both incredibly shaken up by the incident. Cheryl felt dazed for quite a while afterwards. But despite people urging her to rest and relax, she insisted on getting on her plane and getting back into the swing of things. She’s a workaholic and in this respect, it’s a good thing as it will take her mind off what happened.”

Her rep said, “She is in good shape, she was initially a bit shaken up by the incident but she is all right now.”

Pals said, “Both Cheryl and were desperate for some food after working all day in the studio. They only intended to nip out for a quick bite – but ended up staying up for most of the night.”

Cheryl added, jokingly, “I ended up having an Unhappy Meal instead.”

We hope that both of them are on the road to recovery!

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