Chris Brown Arrested For Beating Girlfriend Rihanna?

Chris Brown has been booked for allegedly beating his girlfriend, pop singer, Rihanna tonight. The couple were attending Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party when they got into a fight. Rihanna was reportedly upset that Chris was checking out other girls at the party.

Sources have reported that Rihanna had been bruised in the scuffle, but some reported it as a car accident. Rihanna checked into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, but has since been released, according to a guard at the hospital.

He was being held on a $50,000 bond, but has been subsequently released. We’ve found that she may be in the process of pressing charges against him.

This is the reasoning behind them not going on with their Grammys performance, as scheduled.

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Chris Brown Arrested For Beating Girlfriend Rihanna? was last modified: February 9th, 2009 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • tiffany

    Rihanna need to fall back and leavemy baby chrisbrown alone he didnt even like her because he was cheating on her at the party and i feel that what she gets for fenning and i dear her to get her cuzin because my baby is not scared of him

  • destinee

    i hate you know chris brown why did you do that for

  • jimmy

    I thought u were my idol chris now i hate u u kan just leave us all alone give us a favor I HATE U i hope u read this

  • Denim

    Don’t be hatin on Chris. I don’t condone domestic violence, and Im not gonna say this is what Rihanna get. It’s unsatisfactory what he did, but at least he did come forward and admit his wrongdoing and turned himself in. He should learn from his mistakes and of course apologize to all his fans and just keep it movin. Celebrities mess up all the time. This is not the first celebrity violent incident. Come on yall. give him a break.

  • jerrod

    All of you guys suck at grammar, go back to school. I hate chris brown and all of you as well.

  • bob

    she got what she deserved

  • Treman

    aye dat bitch got what she deserved yea crazy aaaaaaaaaaaaaa he beat dat bitch ass do it again ha ha ha mil-town

  • daddy tay

    chris brown needs to get his behind kicked. for one he aint all that. two any man who beats a woman aint no real man. i hope she presses charges on him and sends him to jail. all his ads and sponserships need to b pulled and start him from the bottom of the ladder. oooooh he turned himself in big deal what does that make it right? he is a poor excuse for a man.

  • shanteisa

    chris brown boo don’t worry about them haterz they try 2 get u mad

  • jAUSbRiN

    wOOOW!! WEll ChRiS bREEZy is rong for that yu kno; he did step up and turn himself in but it duznt make it rite;; && inevr really lykd rihanna(HA IM SAYN IT LYK I KNO HER) but yeah c.breezy did take responsibilty she shuldnt have been accusing him for all that stuff but they one EFFED UP cupple && they need THERAPY !!

  • koese

    chris brown u fag .. ill knock ur ass out if u wer in melbourne .. HP boizzzzzz

  • Becky

    tiffany. suck a dick.

  • ahhh

    haha this is funnny!
    when bitches get their asses beat by their boyfriends, god knows they deserved it

    ha so she was probably being a dumbass and he got tired of it.

    haha and i heard she gave him an std, i’d beat that bitch down too!

    oh and btw; chris brown IS my cousin, no bullshit so whatever!


  • wowww =]

    dudeee everyone is like lame!! yeahh i dont think him n rihanna are too cutee together but ey its cool… he did what he did.. and he apologized, i aint sayin it was a right thing to do but he must have been really pissed off or somethin. if he turned himself in… without having anyone else do it for him, he is a man for taking the consequences of his actions. give him a break he’s probably stressing out enough, im pretty sure he doesnt need any of your dumb asses comments filled with stupidity and imaturaty… c’mon grow up… and he dont sing like a girl!! BEATCHH%%

  • shanteisa

    Chris brown u is so sexy

  • alexis

    I’m sure that rihanna got chris mad all girl get guys mad n hit them first rihanna shoukdnt get mad that he was looking at other girls that’s what guys do chris brown is a good person n very good dancer n singer he has a nice futer to look to he’s HOT n I’m sure he looks back n is sorry for it n if he’s not then he must have a reason for it chris seen women get hit from his step dad n mom he was a trobled kid now he’s living the life n I’m so happy for him …………..I do think it is kinda mest up that all the support we give him. He doesn’t write backkk but he has work to do n fans n kids to make happy so its all good ………love u chris wish the best o f luck to u

  • Fuckyoubitch

    Don’t be hating on him. He’s amazing! He appologized, and the bitch got what she deserved! All she sings about now is sex. All she is, is a sex addict. K? Yeahokaybye.