Chris Brown & Drake Offered Millions For Boxing Match

Chris Brown & Drake Offered Millions For Boxing Match

Instead of having Chris Brown and Drake try and duke it out in a club where there could be potential casualties, a celebrity boxing promoter by the name of Damon Feldman wants to up the ante a little. At first, he was offering up a million dollars to Chris and Drake for a charity match, but felt that the offer wasn’t good enough to get them into the ring. So, he upped the price for the winner to $9 million, with the loser only getting $1 million.

The owner of Celebrity Boxing Federation said, “Instead of doing it in a bar fight, they can get paid.” The plan was to get the rappers into the ring together for three one-minute rounds. Damon also said that Chris’ people are “up for it” and that they would like Rihanna involved in some capacity. He said, “One thing we know, if she doesn’t be the ring girl, she will be watching.”

Another source revealed, “The audience needs their imagination captured as much as the fighters do. These are two very important rap artists who will only do this for a big ticket number. This is something that should be attractive enough to get them in the ring.”

Chris’ representative has denied the rumors that he’s up for the bout. He said, “We collectively have never heard from these people nor is there anyone named ‘CJ’. This is a tacky PR campaign by these people using Chris and Drake.”

Do you think they should go for it? Wars have been fought over less, right? What do you think?

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