Chris Brown grasps at what’s left of his career

Chris Brown is still coming to terms with the loss of his career. What he needs to do is go through the steps so that he can mourn his loss and move on.

He was really hoping that the whole Michael Jackson tribute would’ve brought his butt out of hot water, but that only endeared him to his die-hard fans.

Now, he’s making friends with some up and comers. Contact Music reports:

Brown and Drake put the past behind them and proved they are good pals with an evening out in the Big Apple with their mutual friends Idris Elba and Lil’ Jon on Tuesday. After dining together, the foursome headed to exclusive hotspot Greenhouse and partied with stars including Wilmer Valderrama and Marlon Wayans.

Brown later slipped into the DJ booth to play Drake’s tracks, and stunned the crowd by taking the mic and performing a live rendition of his own songs in a five-track set, according to New York Post gossip column Page Six.

Does he still have fans left?

Chris Brown grasps at what’s left of his career was last modified: July 1st, 2015 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • tangie

    chris brown do still have fans nd mim one of them nd nobody cant taell me different if i had a gun to my head nd they would want to no whos tha best of tha best of r nd b nd i would say that chris brown is my artist that i love so much nd would have his bac any situation any situation

  • jazmine

    Yes Chris Brown does still have fans I am one of his fans.

  • jazmine

    And I love Chris Brown

  • sam

    Roberta, I see you had to jump on the everybody hates Cgris bandwagon with the rest of the media. I guess all your other articles wasn’t doing wonders for you, sou had to write a hateful article about Chris. I don’t think Chris was trying to make a comeback with the MJ Tribute, he just wanted to it. You need to get your facts straight, Chris and Idra was friends way before, they did This Christmas together. Not every celeb hates Chris, they see how talented he is and wants to work with him. And he has plenty of die hard fans. Are you going to do an article about Charlie Sheen, who has been in trouble with DV three times, and has not gotten help yet? I’m sure your judgemental ass have plenty of skeltons, fix the issues in your life before judging and speaking on others you really don’t know jack about.

    • Roberta

      Are you kidding me? Chris beat the crap out of Rihanna, it’s no wonder how he has ANY fans left. I don’t support men who beat women under any circumstances. Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson and Chris Brown can all suck it. I don’t really understand how the world continues to embrace Charlie, either. (Or how he remains on TV despite what he’s done.) It’s sickening.

  • jessica

    problem is theres at least 2 sides of the story and possibly even more so can you really hate on someone for something that was obviously exxagerated by the media? chris brown has amazing talent and no offense rihanna a drama queen, a little situation shouldnt ruin someones careeer when they have true talent. hold on in there c.brown