Chris Brown Is Quitting Music

Chris Brown Is Quitting Music

Chris Brown is officially giving up his music career after his next album, X. On Monday, the R&B singer was booked for a hit and run charge from May and spent roughly 45 minutes in jail. Earlier today, he says that he’s quitting music.

He took to his official Twitter account to say, “Don’t worry mainstream America.After this X album, it’ll probably be my last album.”

As you may already know, Chris is most famous because of the 2009 beating of his former girlfriend Rihanna. He didn’t get jail time for the assault, but was told to obey all laws during his time on probation. Recently, a judge violated his probation over the hit and run incident and he is due back in court to answer to the charges.

He tweeted, “Being famous is amazing when it’s for ur music and talent. I’m tired of being famous for a mistake I made when i was 18. I’m cool & over it!”

Reportedly, his new album is set for release on August 26th. Do you think he’s actually going to quit music?

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