Chris Brown To Have A Reality Show With BET?

Chris Brown To Have A Reality Show With BET?

R & B singer Chris Brown has been in and out of jail because of his violent tendencies and failure to obey the law. Most recently, he has become more known for his personal problems than that of his musical abilities — and BET thinks that he’s a perfect fit to have a reality show on their network.

Chris just served some time for a violation of his probation stemming from his 2009 arrest for beating Barbadian singer Rihanna. BET wants to follow Chris around with some reality show cameras and film his life post-jail.

Does anyone out there think that this is a bad idea? We can’t seriously believe that there are people out there that would watch this, are there?

What do you think of the idea of BET filming a docu-series on Chris Brown’s life after his release? Other networks scurried to get Lindsay Lohan on film, so the idea has been done and people still stay interested. Thoughts?

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