Chris Brown Victim Of Internet Death Hoax

Chris Brown Victim Of Internet Death Hoax

Apparently, there is someone out there who wanted to kill off Chris Brown — on the internet, that is. After all of the crap that he put Rihanna through in 2009 and people are just now starting rumors that he’s dead?!? Oh the humanity. But alas, Chris is still alive to beat another day…

But that hasn’t stopped all of the hateful comments pouring across the internet. One comment on his recent video for Turn Up The Music read, “Read in peace – may you be greeted in heaven by seventy virgins and a baseball bat. I know that’s what you always wanted.”

Another commenter said, “I didn’t like him as a person, I don’t like his music, but still I believe that no one should die at such a young age.” Lastly, another commenter said, “RIP Chris, you’ll be beating women in hell from now to eternity.”

One thing that is dying is the rumors surrounding his obviously fake death. Did you believe the hype? Or do you want to see stuff like this via the mainstream media before you buy into it?

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