Chris Brown Won’t Commit To Karrueche Tran

Chris Brown Won't Commit To Karrueche Tran

R&B singer Chris Brown might be dating model Karrueche Tran, but he won’t be committing to her officially anytime soon. It is pretty sad when his girlfriend tells him that she wants to be exclusive with him, but he’s not feeling it. What’s the point of sticking around then? That’s what we want to know!

A source said, “All he told her was, ‘I love you and think about you everyday. Let me get out of here and I promise I won’t hurt you,’ and left it like that. He’s not about to let Karrueche go anywhere. She’s way too good to him and for him.”

The source continued, “She wanted to get the feelings she has for him off her chest and into his ears before she began 2014. She’s going to be honest with him and tell him everything she’s feeling so that there’s no misunderstanding.”

The spy added, “His answer was his answer and she respects that. He’s still working on himself and she wasn’t expecting him to give her an answer right then and there on the spot. She just wants him to know what’s on her mind and how she wants to move forward in their relationship this new year.”

Are you buying this at all? Do you really think Chris Brown has any intention of committing to Karrueche Tran anytime soon or in the future? Could he be holding out for something more with Rihanna in the future? Anything can happen, no?

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