Chris Brown’s Dad Doesn’t Want Him Dating Rihanna

Chris Brown's Dad Doesn't Want Him Dating Rihanna

Chris Brown’s own father echoes our sentiments that it’s not a good idea for Chris to date Rihanna. Clinton Brown spoke to “NY Daily News” about the pairing and he isn’t too keen on the idea of RiRi dating his son.

He revealed, “I personally really didn’t want him and Rihanna back together. I hate to use examples, but Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse — I mean I could go on and on! Is that a given – that you can’t have fortune and fame without [death] being the end result?”

If Chris wasn’t dating Rihanna, Clinton was asked as to whom would be a better fit. To that, he replied “American Idol” winner Jordin Sparks. He said, “She’s a wholesome young lady, very pretty.

Do you agree with Clinton Brown about his son’s unbalanced relationship with Rihanna? Do you think that these two are toxic together? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below. If Chris wasn’t dating Rihanna, who do you think he’d be better off dating?

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