Chris Brown’s Probation Revoked!

Chris Brown's Probation Revoked!

The judge in Chris Brown’s assault case from his 2009 beating of Rihanna has revoked his probation. TMZ reports:

Chris Brown is in trouble … again. The judge in the Rihanna beating case has just REVOKED his probation because of the fresh assault charges filed in Washington D.C.

Brown was in court for a progress hearing. The judge felt the criminal complaint in D.C. is enough proof that Chris did NOT obey all laws … which he’s required to do while on probation

The judge did not remand Chris into custody, because hizzoner was impressed by Chris’ progress in his anger management rehab. The judge will hold a hearing on the matter in February, and it’s possible he could sentence Chris to time in the pokey.

The judge also ordered Chris NOT to use medical marijuana for the time being.

It seems like Chris is able to get away with just about anything, doesn’t it? If he really wanted to show people that he has changed, then perhaps he could do so in a public way. Perhaps he shouldn’t act like a fool when a valet wants to charge him ten dollars for parking his car? Baby steps… Either way, do you think that he will actually do jail time this time around? Or will his money buy his way out of this for him? Is he suffering from “affluenza”?

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