Chris Brown’s Rolex Returning Fan Found!

Chris Brown's Rolex Returning Fan Found!

Chris Brown performed at the MTV Video Music Awards recently where he recovered his $22,000 Rolex watch. Chris tossed the watch onto a trampoline and it ended up bouncing into the crowd. The watch was returned when he dispatched his security guards into the crowd to locate it.

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A fan gave the watch to the security guard and didn’t expect anything in return. At the time, Chris didn’t get to meet the fan, but said that he would like to thank her for her honesty. TMZ reports that the girl has come forward!

We spoke to the Rolex-returner herself — a girl named Alisha — who tells us she was in the audience at the VMA’s with a friend — when Chris took off his watch, dropped it on a trampoline … and it bounced right over to her.

Alisha says she put the Rolex on her wrist — then saw one of Brown’s people looking for the wayward watch … so she turned it in.

We’re told the two parties got in contact after seeing the story on our site — and Alisha was promised tickets to a show, backstage passes and a meet-and-greet with Chris.

Alisha tells us she’s SUPER excited about the offer — and was never expecting a reward for her good deed.

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Does she have proof that she held the watch? Or will the security guard recognize her from every other fan in the audience?

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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