Chris Brown’s Seizure Caused By Dehydration

Chris Brown's Seizure Caused By Dehydration

Apparently Chris Brown’s seizure wasn’t caused by emotional stress after all. Earlier, it was reported that Brown suffered from a non-epileptic seizure (NES) that was caused by all of the stress that he’s undergoing from the negative media attention.

Reportedly, the singer was overtired and was suffering from a bout of dehydration when he got sick at his Los Angeles recording studio in the early hours of Friday. The reports of the incident stated that 911 was called, but Brown refused to be treated by paramedics. We’ve heard that Brown was feeling the strain of a long day at work and staff mistook the symptoms for something else.

A source said, “It wasn’t a seizure. He just felt light headed and dehydrated and fell on the ground. It scared us, but in seconds he was talking, saying he was alright. When we saw him falling, we didn’t know what was up so we called 911. He’s cool, but he is stressed and didn’t have a good week. He was in the studio for a lot of hours with like no sleep at all and a lot on his mind and whatnot. He just overdid it but now he’s doing alright and will be out this weekend like always.”

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