Chris Crocker gets his own TV show

The whiney faced Britney defender, Chris Crocker, is getting his own television show:

Reality shingle 44 Blue Prods. has inked a development deal with Chris Crocker, the Internet superstar whose tear-filled defense of Britney Spears has generated nearly 8 million hits on YouTube in just one week.

Plan is to develop a docusoap built around Crocker, a 19-year-old who lives with his grandparents in Tennessee. Even before the Britney clip, Crocker had developed a large Net audience via numerous video performances posted on

So, to be famous, all we have to do is get on Youtube and whine and cry “real tears” for a celeb that’s been “wronged” by the public? I’m all in for that one, where do I sign?

Chris Crocker gets his own TV show was last modified: July 1st, 2015 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • dexie

    No Freaking Way! First it’s that damn Perez Hilton. now him? Oh forcyingoutloud. If you find the line for signing up, let me know.

  • Roberta

    Dexie, it’s crazy. I was thinking the same thing about Perez Hilton. Is that all we have to do is cling to a certain celebrity, mock or defend them on Youtube, then we’re good to go?

    What exactly is the Chris Crocker experience anyways? lol

  • JJ

    One loser sticking up for another, he will not last long. It will be great to see him crash just like BS.

  • bev

    all of you are just jelouse because he thought of it first dont get mad that millions of people would rather watch this guy cry over a pop star than hear about your lives i would so watch his show you go chris crocker

  • Mostafa

    a wrong way..will end to wrong end
    it get a wrong from the first

  • Damien black

    would someone please shoot him