Chris Hansen Caught Cheating On His Wife

Chris Hansen Caught Cheating On His Wife

The host of To Catch A Predator, Chris Hansen has just caught the attention of the National Enquirer. After they crawled up John Edwards’ butt to reveal the fact that he had an illegitimate child, they’ve set their sights on Chris.

Chris has become known for pulling off sting operations to catch those who prey on younger girls on the internet. He leads off by telling the guys to “have a seat right there”. Now, it looks like he’s the one who has been caught with his pants down.

Reportedly, the tabloid caught Chris cheating on his wife with Kristyn Caddell, a Florida NBC news reporter, who is twenty years younger than he. The funny part? They caught it all on a hidden camera.

Chris is married with two kids!

The tabloid claims they have footage of Chris out with Kristyn having dinner at the Ritz Carlton in Florida. After that, they returned to her apartment in Palm Beach. Reportedly, he’s been in Florida investigating the disappearance of James Trindade.

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