Christina Aguilera’s new album inspired by motherhood

Christina Aguilera says that being a mother to her son Max has inspired her new album.

Her fourth album, “Biopic”, is due out in stores in March and she says that we can all expect a little something different.

She said, “I had a really hard time being light before. I’d get a little weird about it being too cliched. My first record was very cliched pop, what everyone else wanted. ‘Stripped’ was inspired by a lot of pain and ‘Back To Basics’ sitll had some sort of relation to my past. My new one is just about the future, my son in my life, motivating me to want to play and have fun.”

And she’s not giving up her racy style on stage, either. She adds, “As far as motherhood affecting me creatively goes – like, ‘I shouldn’t be wearing that because I’m a mom’ – it hasn’t. That wouldn’t be fair to me. It’s important to keep a strong sense of yourself when you’re a mom. You’re still you.”

I still love her music.

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