Christina Ricci Says Robert Pattinson Is A Good Kisser

Even though Robert Pattinson is dating his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, he’s had to lock lips with Christina Ricci for their new movie, Bel Ami. This movie actually looks way better than Twilight, in my humble opinion — so I’m excited to see it. Rob romances wealthy women in the flick, but he’s obviously just playing dirty.

Now, Christina is kissing and telling! She said that she found him “lovely” to work with because they share a similar sense of humor. She said, “Everyone keeps asking me how it is to kiss Robert. He’s a good kisser. And I’m not being nice. It’s just like that. He’s always the kind of guy that you can look at and go, ‘Oh God, this is uncomfortable’. And he’s really lovely to work with, especially in those kinds of scenes because he’s so quick to laugh at himself — and me. He’s very self-deprecating, as am I.”

Did you think any actors really come out and say that their co-stars suck at kissing? Of course they’re always saying that their counterparts are good kissers. What I like about Robert is that he always finds a way to make fun of his characters. He did it with Edward Cullen, dissing the vamp every step of the way. Will he do the same with his role as Georges Duroy?

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