Cocaine Recovered From Whitney Houston’s Hotel Room

Cocaine Recovered From Whitney Houston's Hotel Room

The police have revealed that they found cocaine in the hotel room where Whitney Houston passed away on February 11th. It was first reported that there were no illegal drugs recovered from the scene of her death. Afterward, it was confirmed by the Coroner’s office that Whitney had coke in her system when she died. Later, it was rumored that someone removed the coke from her bathroom before authorities arrived on the scene.

Now, TMZ is reporting that “white, powdery remnants” were recovered from her hotel room. Apparently the police have stopped looking for the person who could have removed the drugs when she died.

Whitney’s mother Cissy has opened up for the first time since her daughter’s untimely passing. She said, “I have my moments. I’m not there yet. I don’t think I’m any more courageous than anyone else. I am a true believer in God, if I could bring her back I would, but that’s not possible.”

Cissy also revealed that she can’t hold herself responsible for her daughter’s later troubles. She said, “I know I did the best I could. I don’t blame myself. I know I did the best I could for everything.”

She went on to say, “My children are my whole life. She was very special to me. She was my only daughter, and a good one. Looked out for her family. I’m very proud of my daughter. She accomplished a whole lot in the short time that she had here…she was a very wonderful person.”

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