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Comic Con: Alan Ball Confirms ‘True Blood’ Eric & Sookie Shower Scene!

Comic Con: Alan Ball Confirms 'True Blood' Eric & Sookie Shower Scene!

Fans of Charlaine Harris’ novels, of which True Blood is based, will relish the fact that the shower scene is happening!

If you’ve read book four, Dead To The World, then you already know that a saucy shower scene was going to happen between Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman. Since Alan Ball has really only used the books as a baseline for the show’s plots, we were unsure whether or not the racy scene would make it into the show. Fear not, Truebies, it’s going to happen!

Executive Producer Alan Ball has confirmed the news at this year’s Comic Con. He said, “There will be a moment in the show where Sookie and Eric are together in the shower. But it may not exactly be what happens in the books — it may be weirder and dirtier.”

Weirder and dirtier? I can only imagine! We can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for us!

Also in the pipeline for season five is how Eric created Pam! And with regard to season four, I’m still left wondering what’s going to happen between Jason and Jessica? He’s had a taste of her blood, so they now have a bond of sorts. But he’s turning into a werepanther. Interesting.

Are you excited to see how it all plays out on the show?

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