Conan O’Brien back in bed with NBC

Former “Tonight Show” host Conan O’Brien is reportedly back in bed with NBC, the network who left him in a lurch over the late night talk show for Jay Leno.

According to TMZ, the network has picked up an hour-long pilot produced by Conan’s company, Conaco. The show is called “Justice” and is centered around a Supreme Court justice who resigns from the Court to open his own private practice.

Interesting how these things play out. I still wonder if he’s going to jump ship to Fox as soon as September rolls around and he’s a completely free agent.

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  1. Justa Notherguy January 27, 2010 / 11:31 AM

    For readers who are too young to recall – or who just weren't very interested, at the time – it may help you to read some background on the infamous 'Letterman vs Leno' feud. Here's a detailed article explaining how Jay Leno took over Johnny Carson's job as host of the 'The Tonight Show', way back in 1993.
    . (article from NY Times; 1994)

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