Conrad Hilton Caught On Video In A High Speed Crash

Conrad Hilton was caught on camera speeding down a small side street in Brentwood, California. He sideswiped a car with enough force to push the car into another car that was parked right behind it. A couple of minutes after he crashed, people began congregating around the scene of the accident.

When the cops arrived, Hilton was already gone. He wasn’t ticketed only because he exchanged information with the owner of the car he hit.

What is his freakin’ problem anyway? Why did he hit the car? I bet he was under the influence of something because nobody just hits a parked car when they’re sober. With the last name Hilton, nothing surprises me anymore. Perez getting into a fight, Paris getting arrested for cocaine. The name Hilton is cursed with an immense amount of stupidity.

Why did no one look into this further? Just because he exchanged information it doesn’t mean there wasn’t anything else he was doing wrong? I bet it’s because he is famous.

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