Conrad Hilton To Plead Guilty To Assault Following Airplane Tantrum

Conrad Hilton To Plead Guilty To Assault Following Airplane Tantrum

Conrad Hilton was a giant douchebag to people and airline workers of whom he shared a flight earlier in July 2014. The hotel heir was said to be threatening to those around him and threatened to have some flight attendants fired during his temper tantrum on his overnight flight.

Reportedly, the younger brother of socialite Paris Hilton was said to be smoking marijuana in the airplane’s bathroom and retreated to another bathroom to have a cigarette. He was combative and hurled a ton of insults in the direction of anyone who disagreed with his behavior. He even went as far as saying that his father would take care of everything and “pay this one out” just like he did last time. Oh how lovely it is when grown men don’t have to answer to anyone at all…Ugh.

During the flight, Hilton passed out in his seat and the attendants took advantage of the situation by handcuffing the rampant socialite to his seat. Passengers aboard the flight were said to be relieved that the situation had been diffused and Hilton was taken away by security upon landing in Los Angeles.

Now, we’ve learned that Conrad Hilton will plead guilty to assault following his tirade on the flight to Los Angeles. According to a new report, Hilton will be arraigned on Thursday for “intentionally using a display of force that reasonably caused a person to fear immediate bodily harm” on the flight last summer.

Hilton’s lawyer Robert Shapiro claimed that his actions were the result of a sleeping pill. Hilton reportedly checked into a thirty-day rehab center directly following his release. If convicted, Conrad Hilton faces six months in jail, a fine of $5,000 and a year of probation.

Do you think that this spoiled brat should be allowed to get off Scott-free? Or are you of the mind, like the rest of us, that he should definitely be held accountable for his actions in this matter? Perhaps he should have to do community service waiting tables in a restaurant setting? What are your thoughts on the matter? Hit the comments below and let us know!

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