Conrad Murray Wants To Commit Suicide In Jail

Conrad Murray Wants To Commit Suicide In Jail

When Conrad Murray was handcuffed and carted off to jail for the manslaughter of Michael Jackson, it was rumored a day later that he was placed on suicide watch. Now, we’re hearing reports that Conrad is telling people in jail that he wants to kill himself!

He’s had visitors, but he’s been telling them that he no longer wants to live. Reportedly, it’s hard for him to cope with the fact that he was found guilty of actions that led to the death of Michael.

TMZ has more:

Sources tell us, Murray has told various people he wanted to kill himself, including baby mama Nicole Alvarez, his bodyguard Jeff and his lawyers. He’s told all of them he’s lost his will to live.

We’ve also learned Murray remains in the medical ward at L.A. County Jail, which is where he’s been for more than a week. Sources directly connected with Murray tell us he has no physical ailments and he is there because he’s on suicide watch.

Steve Whitmore, the spokesperson for the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept., tells TMZ they will not comment on why Murray has been in the medical ward, adding, “A person’s medical or mental health status in the Los Angeles County Jail is protected under the law.”

He should feel guilty, his actions led to a family losing a father, brother, son and friend. But he should pay for his crime and not be allowed to take the easy way out.

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