Courteney Cox Hasn’t Had Sex Since David Arquette

Courteney Cox talked to Howard Stern recently about her personal life and revealed that she’s not exactly quite ready for any type of relationship just yet. She said that she hasn’t been with a man since things went south between herself and estranged husband, David Arquette. Wow, so she hasn’t had sex since 2010?!?

And why is everybody and their mother talking to Howard about their sex lives? David opens up to Howard all of the time and now Courteney is! Crazy.

Earlier this week, she told Howard, “I have not had a man since David. No guy has asked me out. Right now, I’m not quite ready to date. I’m getting closer…as things become more final in my life with David.”

He was rumored to be cheating on her, but since hasn’t wasted any time hooking up with Christina McLarty, who was once linked to Girls Gone Wild founder, Joe Francis. Courteney still calls David her “favorite person in the world”, however.

Apparently, he has been trying to get her to put herself out there for dating. She said, “He says to me, ‘Courteney, it’s time. Get out there.’ He wants me to date now. He wants me to start my life, and he’s comfortable with whoever that would be.”

Does it sound to you as if Courteney is still hoping for things to work out with David? What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

Photo Credit: Kevin Perkins/Gaz Shirley,

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