Courtney Love & Mariah Carey almost did a duet?

In weird news, Hole rocker Courtney Love almost landed a duet with diva Mariah Carey.

The two met while at Brett Ratner’s Hollywood home. Courtney was playing her new song “Samantha” for Brett, when she griped that no one wanted to appear on the track with her.

She said, “I’m at his house and I sing the part, ‘People like you fuck people like me,’ and this little voice goes, ‘I’ll sing it.’ I’m like, ‘Who’s that?’ The voice goes, ‘It’s Mariah.'”

The collaboration never happened, but we can wonder what it would have sounded like. Perhaps glittery butterflies thrown into a blender and shredded to pieces?

Courtney added, “We sat on Brett’s couch and we watched on a screen these five Mariah Carey videos he made. It was hysterical. I never met Mariah for more than a minute in my life, but we sort of canceled each other out. We had nothing negative about each other to say. I’m not in her universe and she’s not in mine.”

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