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Courtney Love Ordered To Pay Former Maids Unpaid Wages

Courtney Love Ordered To Pay Former Maids Unpaid Wages

Courtney Love has been ordered by a judge to part with over $35,000 – after allegedly stiffing two of her former maids.

Reportedly, she hadn’t paid the maids, named Myrium and Miriam, for a total of $35,769.72, including interest, penalties and wages.

Having hired help proved to be extra-costly for Courtney Love – and all because the rocker didn’t pay her maids in the first place. The two housekeepers proved to a court that the Hole singer refused to pay them for time that they’d already worked.

TMZ reports:

TMZ has learned … Love’s former maids — named Miriam and Myriam — scored a huge victory in Beverly Hills court … after proving Love never paid them for cleaning up her pad several years ago.

The judge now ruled Love must now kick out $16,632.45 to Mirium and $19,137.27 to Myrium … totaling $35,769.72 in wages, penalties and interest.

Someone really isn’t a stranger to lawsuits, are they? Why does she make everybody and their mothers sue her? Sheesh, just learn to pay your bills already!

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