Courtney Love To Judge On ‘The X Factor USA’?

Courtney Love To Judge On 'The X Factor USA'?

Hole rocker Courtney Love has hinted that she is super close to signing a deal to become a judge on a major television talent show. Could it be “American Idol” or perhaps even “The X Factor”? Could you imagine Courtney on either show? It would be insane, wouldn’t it?

She didn’t give us any clues as to which talent show she was thinking of appearing on, but there aren’t that many choices available, right?

She said that she would bring her own brand of honesty to the small screen and would remain true to herself. When speaking with “Wonderland”, she revealed, “I don’t know if it’s gonna happen or not, but they’re looking at me to judge one of these talent shows. Some people go on them and they have butterflies coming out of their ass. I’m not saying I’m gonna go on and be a c*nt, but I would just be myself.”

She added, “I’m not afraid to be honest. I always said I would never, ever, ever do one, but I’m not talking about the one judging dogs – it’s the other one. I don’t wanna say the name of it. If Ellen DeGeneres can be a judge, I mean, hello?”

Do you want to see Courtney Love judging a talent show? Does she have what it takes to find a star in America?

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