Courtney loves lunchboxes, not Doc Martens

In earlier news when Doc Martens chose to use Kurt Cobain’s image for an ad campaign, Courtney Love was furious. Probably because she didn’t get any moolah for her late husband’s image use. Now, Courtney has sold his image to the US National Entertainment Collectibles Association, so that his image will now be featured on lunchboxes, lighters, flasks, figurines, and dog tags:

Cobain’s figurine comes with his Fender Mustang guitar and he wears the trademark striped shirt he wore in the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video, before his suicide in 1994.

Courtney Love is a hypocrite and Kurt’s picture should not be on lunchboxes or anything of that nature. His story is very tragic and he should be remembered as he was, a very troubled singer. I don’t think he’d care for the idea of being on some kid’s lunchbox.

Bad Courtney, no dollars for you.

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