Courtney Robertson Shamelessly Seducing The Bachelor Ben Flajnik

Courtney Robertson Shamelessly Seducing The Bachelor Ben Flajnik

Anyone with two eyes who’s been watching this season of The Bachelor can tell that Courtney Robertson really has her sights set on winning the show. Winning, of course — and not necessarily having Ben Flajnik’s best interests in mind. Is she just in the show to win the competition and not love? Surely a model wouldn’t REALLY go for a guy who looks like the Geico caveman, would she? Only on TV!

We’ve been covering this season of the show and you can tell that she’s totally playing mind games with this poor schmuck. She wants to win and she doesn’t care how she does that.

In the latest issue of Us Weekly, the tabloid claims that Courtney admits to never finding Ben attractive. Even worse, she has nicknamed some of the other girls “fatty” and “horsey”. The tabloid reveals that she used “sleazy tactics” that blinded Ben to her true self.

Let’s hope that Ben is using his head after being allowed to watch the current episodes of the show. According to Reality Steve, Ben and Courtney end up together. Even if that’s true, it doesn’t mean that they’re going to stay together. Recent rumors suggested that Ben and his show fiancee had already broken things off and went their separate ways.

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