Courtney Robertson: The Meanest Bachelor Competitor?

Courtney Robertson: The Meanest Bachelor Competitor?

In case you’ve been watching The Bachelor, you know how much of a pain in the butt some of the ladies can be. At first we thought that Blakely would emerge as the show’s nastiest competitor, but alas, as it turns out, it’s actually the model, Courtney Robertson! Color us surprised (Spoiler alert: Not really.)

Read our latest recap of the show here, in case you haven’t been watching.

Obviously Ben Flajnik is blind to all of the things happening behind closed doors, but the public sees it. We see how nasty Courtney is with all of the other women. We’ve also heard the rumors that Ben ends up with Courtney. It’s not that shocking considering that the guy looks like the Geico Caveman in a suit.

The latest issue of Us Weekly features a piece on Courtney and her nastiness. She said on the premiere of the show, “With me, what you see is what you get.”

So it’s all nothing but nasty trashiness? Except when Ben is around, of course. An insider at the show said, “Nobody liked her.”

Former contestant, Amber Tierney, said that Courtney seemed cold. The spy also said “No one trusted her. Everyone referred to her as ‘the model who sits in the corner and plays with her hair.’ She didn’t feel the need to be nice.”

Eliminated emotional blogger, Jenna Burke, also said, “There was a serious case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

Of course she was nice when Ben came around! Duh. The insider added, “All the girls hoped Ben realizes who Courtney really is.”

He won’t. He’s probably already engaged to Courtney because he fears that he can’t do better than a model. Most likely, this was just a contest for her to keep her name in the media. Does she seem like the type of girl that would go for a guy like Ben? Seriously?

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  • anom

    Courtney was mean . Poor Ben. I feel sorry for Elyse who he didn’t get a chance with. Coutney 
    is one ugly individual. Ben seemed so cold to the ones he sent home .Guess he forgot what it felt like . Courtney so played him , she is lame. And to skinny dip with was a gross and desperate move on her part. What a low life move and she is such a snot you want to slap her.
    If Ben ends up with her, he deserves her , rotten . I thought Kacie B , very sincere. Courtney is a loser . Any girl that does that just cheapens herself which is what she did . He should have been wondering how many other guys she has done that with and it should have been an easy elimination .Lost respect for Ben . You are dating and that is just what he should have been doing . Courtney is pathetic trash. The other girls , should have just left and gone home and said good riddens . Don’t cry over a fool guy who isn’t thinking with his head . He is just trying to promote his winery. If he had any smarts he would have gone with someone who was actually nice . 

  • Parker4u2

    Emily tried to politely warn Ben about Courtney but he didn’t want to listen. I think he was rude to Emily. I think Emily and Casey B. are the sweetest! They deserve better that rude, stiff Ben!